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  • Getting Started with Swift

    Getting Started with Swift

    At the most recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Swift, a programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Developers and designers alike were all abuzz about the new language that promised to simplify coding and more rapidly develop iOS and OS X applications. If you have any experience with other OOPs like Objective-C, Python, or C#, then you’ve

  • Crash Test: iOS 8, Yosemite

    Crash Test: iOS 8, Yosemite

    If you are a developer or just an early adopter with an iOS Developers License who is considering upgrading your iPhone to the iOS 8 beta released yesterday,  we tested a bunch of different apps to see how they fared. For the most part, the apps were OK. Some had minor issues, which is to be expected at such an early