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  • Cutting the Cord on Cable

    Cutting the Cord on Cable

    Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that you’ve been paying roughly a car payment every month to a giant monopoly for most of your adult life to get internet, cable and phone service. It’s not implausible, right? Many of us have done it. Comcast, for example, currently has 21.7 million video subscribers but that number will rise to 30

  • Firefox Gets a Fresh Look

    Firefox Gets a Fresh Look

    Roughly 11 years after Mozilla released Phoenix, the browser that quickly became renamed to Firefox, this software community gave its popular web browser received a major aesthetic overhaul. Firefox’s new UI, Australis, was released as part of Firefox 29 last week. It is sleeker and cleaner with a more graphical interface and less bulk. This brings the browser in line with Google Chrome’s minimal

  • This Awesome Week March 23-29, 2014

    This Awesome Week March 23-29, 2014

    Welcome to This Awesome Week, a look back at the week that was. Top News Russia and Ukraine continue to have issues with each other: [] [] [] The search for MH370 continues: [] [] [] At long last, Microsoft has released Office for the iPad: [] [] March Madness continues into the Sweet 16:

  • The Titanfall Gamble

    The Titanfall Gamble

    The big news in the gaming industry is this past week is the departures of Jack Tretton and Marc Whitten from Sony and Microsoft respectively. Both men were instrumental in the launch of the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One systems last fall. Tretton’s departure has been characterized as an amicable split, as he decided not

  • Will Apple make the same mistake twice?

    Will Apple make the same mistake twice?

      The tech world is all abuzz over Apple’s CarPlay announcement. CarPlay is an integration system that will use Siri and select car stereo screens to take better control over your iPhone 5+. Over the course of 2014, six manufacturers (Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo) will release automobiles with CarPlay integration. Another 12 carmakers have

  • Is Responsive Design a Fad?

    Is Responsive Design a Fad?

    A List Apart is considered by many front-end developers to be the holy grail of websites. Along with Smashing Magazine and a few other sites, ALA not only sets trends but helps to define them and provide tutorials for users. In 2010, Ethan Marcotte wrote this in article for A List Apart: “This is our way forward.