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  • Mad Men: Person to Person

    Mad Men: Person to Person

    What did you expect from the Mad Men finale? Did you expect something enlightening? Something crazy? Something weird? Maybe you expected Don Draper to take the literal plunge from the opening credits. Maybe you expected it all to end as a parallel to Don’s speech from the end of “The Wheel”. Perhaps you’re one of

  • Mad Men: The Milk and Honey Route

    Mad Men: The Milk and Honey Route

    I apologize for the lateness of this post. My computer, smart phone, and tablet were all held hostage by a group of small-town vets until I could produce their $500. So I am typing this from the library.   Bye Bye Betty Did Matthew Weiner decide to get super meta with Betty’s (presumably final) storyline

  • Mad Men: Lost Horizon

    Mad Men: Lost Horizon

    Graveyards, Prisons, and Wide Open Spaces SC&P doesn’t get a funeral. It doesn’t get a nice sendoff as it heads off into the great business beyond. Instead, its home is left ravaged and broken. People spill coffee and put out their cigarettes on the floor with nary a regard for what went on there. It’s

  • Mad Men: Time & Life

    Mad Men: Time & Life

    Recapturing that Magic Many people reach a certain point in adulthood where they start desperately trying to relive the past. Things were good when did this, so let’s do this again! Mad Men did this brilliantly in its fourth to last episode, “Time & Life”. SC&P was formed by Don to avoid being sucked up into

  • Mad Men: The Forecast

    Mad Men: The Forecast

    What’s Next? With Mad Men so close to the finish line, all anyone can seem to ask is “is that all there is?” and “what’s next?” Don is reluctantly moving forward with his life after fighting to get back into SC&P and finalizing his divorce. He wants his apartment sold, but he doesn’t want to

  • Mad Men Musings: New Business

    Mad Men Musings: New Business

    What happened this week? “New Business” just didn’t connect. It felt scattered, off. It was probably the full load of Megan that was thrown our way. It could have been Don’s new obsession, Diana. Perhaps my expectations were just too high for one of the final seven episodes, but the whole thing just dragged along.

  • Mad Men Musings: Severance

    Mad Men Musings: Severance

    So long, accounts pirate The dread pirate Ken Cosgrove is finally parting with…what is the firm called right now? Well, Ken is no longer part of primary advertising company featured in the hit AMC drama MAD MEN since SC&P’s new overlords at McCann-Erickson have a bad history with him. It’ll be sad to see Ken

  • Mad Men Final Half Season Predictions

    Mad Men Final Half Season Predictions

    Mad Men is coming to an end. It’s one of the best shows ever. It will be missed. Series creator Matthew Weiner keeps everything under lock and key (and even more locks), so no one ever knows what’s going to happen in an upcoming season. So let’s make some predictions!   Pete Campbell gets an

  • Best of Television 2014

    Best of Television 2014

    Making lists of favorite things is a fool’s errand, and no medium makes me more foolish than television. I watch too much of it, and keeping up with it has become more impossible by the day with programming expanding to platforms that aren’t even technically “television.” So how do I possibly isolate the 10 best