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  • Tech Podcast: Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Labs

    Tech Podcast: Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Labs

    On this edition of the Untied TV/Movie Podcast, Marcello De Feo is joined by Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Labs to discuss Remee, Pixelstick and Kickstarter. Podcast: Tech Talk with Steve McGuigan from Bitbanger Labs You can listen to the episode by clicking on the link above, or right clicking and saving it as an mp3. The podcast can also

  • Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Years ago, Jason Tagmire was the go-to guy in the South Jersey/Philadelphia indie rock scene if you wanted buttons made for your band.  Not long thereafter, he was the talk of the town, raising thousands of dollars on Kickstarter to fund his kickass games, like Pixel Lincoln, Storyteller Cards and Maximum Throwdown.     In an era dominated by motion-sensing, immersive video