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  • Coping with a broken smartphone

    Coping with a broken smartphone

      After bitching about OnePlus the other day, Carl Pei got the last laugh when my OnePlus One careened from my hand to the floor. The screen spidered from directly above the camera to the other side of the phone and down to the bottom. The touchscreen was completely unresponsive and my Project Fi Nexus 5X is still a month away from being

  • Comcast Continues to Grow Monopoly

    Comcast Continues to Grow Monopoly

    Jerrold Electrics gave birth to American Cable Systems in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1963. Ralph J. Roberts purchased the cable company, which had five channels and 150,000 subscribers, for $500,000. Six years later, the company incorporated in Philadelphia and rebranded itself as Comcast Corporation, a combination of the words communication and broadcast. Not long after, the company started growing into

  • Firefox Gets a Fresh Look

    Firefox Gets a Fresh Look

    Roughly 11 years after Mozilla released Phoenix, the browser that quickly became renamed to Firefox, this software community gave its popular web browser received a major aesthetic overhaul. Firefox’s new UI, Australis, was released as part of Firefox 29 last week. It is sleeker and cleaner with a more graphical interface and less bulk. This brings the browser in line with Google Chrome’s minimal

  • Touch Screens Are Dead, Long Live the Touchpad

    Touch Screens Are Dead, Long Live the Touchpad

    While Apple and Google are hard at work integrating their operating systems into car entertainment systems, Audi has already perfected the hardware. The idea of iOS mirroring on your touch screen and functioning similarly to your iPhone may seem appealing but there are flaws in the concept. For starters, touch screens in cars are hardly as precise or responsive as they

  • Protect Ya Nest (Protect)

    Protect Ya Nest (Protect)

    Nest Labs, the home technology company that was acquired by Google in January, discovered  today that its second product, the Protect has a (potentially fatal) flaw in it. The device allows users to wave at it to shut the fire and carbon monoxide alarm off. However, it appears that motions other than waves could be

  • Will Apple make the same mistake twice?

    Will Apple make the same mistake twice?

      The tech world is all abuzz over Apple’s CarPlay announcement. CarPlay is an integration system that will use Siri and select car stereo screens to take better control over your iPhone 5+. Over the course of 2014, six manufacturers (Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo) will release automobiles with CarPlay integration. Another 12 carmakers have

  • Is Responsive Design a Fad?

    Is Responsive Design a Fad?

    A List Apart is considered by many front-end developers to be the holy grail of websites. Along with Smashing Magazine and a few other sites, ALA not only sets trends but helps to define them and provide tutorials for users. In 2010, Ethan Marcotte wrote this in article for A List Apart: “This is our way forward.