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  • My Friend Ed

    My Friend Ed

      Ed is both a friend and a client of mine. When he first came out to train with me, I had no idea just how hard he’s battled in his life; nor did I know that the fact he was even in the gym with me training was a pretty massive deal in and

  • Whatever You Do DON’T READ This

    Whatever You Do DON’T READ This

      You’ve undoubtedly by now been told by every single person you’ve ever known on FaceBook that you should “NEVER DRINK THE MCDONALDS SHAMROCK SHAKE” because it’s so bad for you. It’s so bad that when you drink it, you immediately catch CANCER, and not just any kind of CANCER but the kind of CANCER that everyone else

  • A Call For Strength And Return To Action

    A Call For Strength And Return To Action

    About a week ago, while deadlifting, I saw something that confused the Hell out of me. It’s not something new, but something that has always confused and bothered me. This particular day, it drove me crazy. What I saw involves one of the infamous “gym myths” (much more on that next week…). The “gym myth” that I saw

  • Don’t let the jealousy of others get you down

    Don’t let the jealousy of others get you down

    Ever since I started working out, I’ve had to deal with backhanded compliments, negative comments, people warning me about the “dangers” of just about anything, and out of shape “health experts”. What you want to do is take these people and use them as fuel. If you don’t use this approach and you’re a sensitive

  • Bodyweight Series/ Push-up

    Bodyweight Series/ Push-up

    You can’t go to the gym? You don’t have a gym membership or don’t know what you’re doing? PERFECT! You’ve got all you need – your body! Body weight exercises are among the most simple, yet most effective exercises. If you have a body, then you can do a bodyweight push-up. Chances are that if