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  • What Makes ‘Fargo’ So Great?

    What Makes ‘Fargo’ So Great?

    We’ve been very lucky with television in the past few years, blessed with shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. With those shows over and done with, though, there isn’t a clear winner for the title of “best show on television”. A whooooole lot of people seem to think it’s Fargo. It’s hard to argue

  • Best of Television 2014

    Best of Television 2014

    Making lists of favorite things is a fool’s errand, and no medium makes me more foolish than television. I watch too much of it, and keeping up with it has become more impossible by the day with programming expanding to platforms that aren’t even technically “television.” So how do I possibly isolate the 10 best

  • Fargo to Get Another Season of Polite Crime

    Fargo to Get Another Season of Polite Crime

    A television show based on Fargo shouldn’t have worked, but thanks to Noah Hawley, it did. Somehow, Fargo is coming back for another season of shocked northerners and bloody snow (h/t to Alan Sepinwall, who you should absolutely be following). Sadly, we won’t be seeing any more of Martin Freeman’s weasely Lester Nygaard or Allison

  • Aw jeez, Fargo finishes up its season

    Aw jeez, Fargo finishes up its season

    Oh hi there! In case ya didn’t realize, this here post will be discussing the entirety of the season of Fargo on FX, especially the finale episode Morton’s Fork. So maybe you should steer clear if you’re not finished. Ultimately, Lorne Malvo was not the devil. Fargo’s villain was proven to be just a bad,