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  • Daredevil: Nelson v Murdock

    Daredevil: Nelson v Murdock

    The triumph of last episode’s reveal of the Nelson and Murdock, Attorney at Law sign is undercut as Foggy, disgusted, tosses the plaque in the trash. “Nelson v Murdock” is propelled by astounding performances from Elden Hensley and Charlie Cox. With the majority of the episode’s run time taking place in scenes of the two

  • Daredevil: Speak of the Devil

    Daredevil: Speak of the Devil

    My first thoughts as this episode begins? THE HAND, SUCKER!! That is a full-on red clad ninja out to kill Daredevil. I knew Nobu was not just Yakuza. My second thought is, man I wish there was a Ninja Turtles movie like this. Mostly because the TMNT origin is based on Daredevil and every time

  • Daredevil: Shadows in the Glass

    Daredevil: Shadows in the Glass

    Is the opening scene a metaphor for Fisk’s entire plan to rebuild the city? “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs,” and all that? After a couple of intense episodes for ol’ Matt Murdock, Wilson Fisk once again takes center stage in one of the finest episodes of the season. The title

  • Daredevil: Stick

    Daredevil: Stick

    If you think “Stick” is a weird episode that sort of comes out of nowhere, you’re probably not alone. Much of it feels like a setup for some future plot (whether that’s in season two, or in a later Netflix series like Iron Fist or Defenders). It deviates a lot from much of the criminal

  • Daredevil: Condemned

    Daredevil: Condemned

    Everyone in the episode “Condemned” is trapped. Fisk finds himself trapped in the fallout of his plan, frustrated with the possible complications with Madame Gao and his Chinese connections. Foggy and Karen are trapped in the hospital. Matt is trapped in the abandoned building with the dying Russian Vladimir. The Condemned title speaks well to Matt’s

  • Superhero TV Roundup

    Superhero TV Roundup

    It’s a good time to love superheroes. With Agents of SHIELD’s second season coming to a close with an insane finish and The Flash’s first racing to a finale that is sure to be as awesome and endearing as the rest of the season, it seems like a good time to step back and take a

  • Daredevil – World on Fire

    Daredevil – World on Fire

    For all the talk of this show being dark, I find that there is still a sense of hope and optimism that things can improve, even when things look dark that works beneath the surface. This is especially apparent throughout this episode in the case of Foggy and Karen going above and beyond to assist

  • Daredevil: In the Blood

    Daredevil: In the Blood

    On first viewing, having our first full glimpse at Wilson Fisk being based around an awkward first date seemed a very strange way to introduce his character. But then I realized, even though this is our first time getting to watch Fisk, we already know he’s brutal and dangerous, and behind just about everything Matt

  • Daredevil: Rabbit In A Snowstorm

    Daredevil: Rabbit In A Snowstorm

    Episode three shifts gears and focuses on the law firm of Nelson and Murdock. Seeking a couple of clean lawyers to do their dirty work, Wesley, right-hand man to a ‘mysterious’ criminal mastermind, reaches out to Foggy and Matt. The episode opens with a brutal fight scene, even for this series. A hit man attacks

  • Daredevil: Cut Man

    Daredevil: Cut Man

    The major narrative thrust of Cut Man unfolds around getting back up after taking a beating. As Jack tells Matt, “It ain’t how you hit the mat, it’s how you get up.” The episode has three major storylines— Matt learning to deal with his blindness and Battlin’ Jack Murdock’s career; Matt’s recovery following a disastrous