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  • 5 Reasons to Watch: ‘The Americans’

    5 Reasons to Watch: ‘The Americans’

    The Americans returns tonight on FX. The odds are that you’ve probably missed this show to this point. Our own Dave Delisle didn’t even enjoy it. I, however, love this show. Since the internet only seems to like their pieces in accurately numbered categories and lists, here’s five reasons to check out The Americans.   The

  • Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Years ago, Jason Tagmire was the go-to guy in the South Jersey/Philadelphia indie rock scene if you wanted buttons made for your band.  Not long thereafter, he was the talk of the town, raising thousands of dollars on Kickstarter to fund his kickass games, like Pixel Lincoln, Storyteller Cards and Maximum Throwdown.     In an era dominated by motion-sensing, immersive video