• McFarlane’s NHL Line Finds New Life in Canada

    McFarlane’s NHL Line Finds New Life in Canada

    Well this came out of nowhere. Last November I wrote about the demise of McFarlane Toys’ NHL Sports Picks, and now it looks like another company will be resurrecting the line. Import Dragons, a toy company based in Boisbriand Quebec, has just started taking pre-orders for 6″ and 2.5″ NHL figurines, due to arrive this September. You

  • Time for Change in the NHL and NBA

    Time for Change in the NHL and NBA

    Recently, Buffalo Sabres fans in attendance for “Tank Night” were cheering openly for their team to lose to the visiting Arizona Coyotes. When the Sabres tied the game near the end of the third period, the goal announcement drew boos from the home crowd, as did the horn signaling the end of regulation (presumably because

  • March Madness Viewing Tips

    March Madness Viewing Tips

      Hello friends, and welcome back to March Madness. It’s a thrilling time for fans of hoops and basketballing. You deserve to maximize your enjoyment from the NCAA Tournament. I am a master of maximizing pleasure, at least according to everything except for my wife hahaha that is humor. Here are tips for getting the

  • The 5 Best And 5 Worst NHL All-Star Jerseys

    The 5 Best And 5 Worst NHL All-Star Jerseys

    There was a lot of hoopla over this week’s reveal of the 2015 NHL All-Star jerseys, so I thought I’d rank the 5 best and 5 worst NHL All-Star jerseys of all time. THE 5 BEST: 5. The “McDonald’s” Star Jerseys (1994-1997). I nicknamed these the McDonald’s jerseys because the letter/number font was the same seen in

  • LeBron’s Decision to Chase Championships

    LeBron’s Decision to Chase Championships

    Last summer’s low-key “decision” to come back to Cleveland was much less shocking than LeBron James’ first decision. Roster limitations as a result of aging and the salary cap held back the dynasty potential of the Miami Heat, and many around James felt he regretted the way he left his hometown team in 2010 and

  • Video: NHL OYO Sports Toys

    Video: NHL OYO Sports Toys

    I’ve been a big fan of OYO’s NHL toys since their debut in early 2014 (which coincidentally is when McFarlane Toys stopped making their NHL line…interesting), so I thought I’d ask Chris Ho a.k.a. Vangelus to feature them in one of his V-build videos. In this video review he takes a look at a few NHL skaters and a

  • End Of An Era For McFarlane Toys’ NHL Sports Picks?

    End Of An Era For McFarlane Toys’ NHL Sports Picks?

    McFarlane Toys appears to have discontinued their long-running NHL Sports Picks after a 14-year run dating back to 2000. No official word has been given for the cancellation, however there are rumors that the company has chosen to focus on their popular The Walking Dead line of collectibles. Given the continued releases for the NBA and NFL Sports

  • 2014-15 NBA Preview

    2014-15 NBA Preview

    As we have seen early on with the injuries to Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal and LeBron’s move to Cleveland, one injury or personnel move can completely change the season outlook for a team, division, or conference. No preview is truly a crystal ball, but as the NBA enters its most prolific era since the

  • Katy Perry to Play Super Bowl XLIX

    Katy Perry to Play Super Bowl XLIX

    Baby, you’re a firework! Katy Perry has officially signed on to perform during the halftime show for Super Bowl XLIX. The pop icon certainly has the status to keep people tuned in to watch, and that could eclipse last year’s record setting 111.5 million viewers. Perry recently joined ESPN’s “College GameDay” where she talked shop

  • NFL Week 6 Preview

    NFL Week 6 Preview

    #456160078 /   As we head into the sixth week of NFL action, the league is still dealing with awful PR. Adrian Peterson seems a little less stable each week. They’re fining players for wearing Beats headphones due to a deal with Bose (is this real life?). But hey, the two people who read