• Marvel’s Daredevil: Daredevil

    Marvel’s Daredevil: Daredevil

    The final episode of Daredevil opens with a funeral and the first ten minutes finds all of the show’s characters defeated. Fisk’s murder of Ben Urich has brought no relief from his anger, and the double punch of Vanessa’s poisoning and his mother being found has left him even more paranoid of his partners. With Gao

  • Daredevil: The Ones We Leave Behind

    Daredevil: The Ones We Leave Behind

    In the penultimate episode of a show, the creators have to make a lot of moves to set up the season’s conclusion. In the case of “The Ones We Leave Behind,” the Daredevil writers have to begin paying off very methodically paced story developments and character arcs. The thematic crescendo of the closing can’t take

  • True Detective: Down Will Come

    True Detective: Down Will Come

    Hey guys, you still with us here? This volume of True Detective is a real stop and go affair. Let’s talk about Velcoro’s family sbdji slb bd bklsdzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Look, there’s a weird corpse! “Down Will Come” continued that trend, rambling along for the first 40ish minutes and finishing strong.   Insemyonation Last week, Semyon procured

  • Daredevil: The Path of the Righteous

    Daredevil: The Path of the Righteous

    The episode’s title, Path of the Righteous, sets up Matt’s journey in the final few episodes. After a disastrous attempt to kill Fisk, and another chat with his priest (which is handled less deftly than their last conversation) Matt realizes he can’t go on like he has. The fallout with his eruptive fight with Foggy

  • True Detective: Maybe Tomorrow

    True Detective: Maybe Tomorrow

    Hi all, here is some filler to avoid any spoilers that might show up in even the preliminary description. That is if everyone hasn’t tuned out already. How was your 4th? Yeah, I know, that’s way too many hot dogs! Classic Mark. Oh, we’re good now? Lettttttttt’s go!   Die Another Day Well, I sure

  • True Detective: Night Finds You

    True Detective: Night Finds You

    Before checking out the second episode of True Detective’s second season, “Night Finds You”, I took another look at the premiere. I didn’t particularly care for it the first time around, what with its ultra-manliness and ridiculous dialogue. Looking at it a second time, however, and knowing what to expect, I actually enjoyed it a

  • Daredevil: Nelson v Murdock

    Daredevil: Nelson v Murdock

    The triumph of last episode’s reveal of the Nelson and Murdock, Attorney at Law sign is undercut as Foggy, disgusted, tosses the plaque in the trash. “Nelson v Murdock” is propelled by astounding performances from Elden Hensley and Charlie Cox. With the majority of the episode’s run time taking place in scenes of the two

  • Daredevil: Speak of the Devil

    Daredevil: Speak of the Devil

    My first thoughts as this episode begins? THE HAND, SUCKER!! That is a full-on red clad ninja out to kill Daredevil. I knew Nobu was not just Yakuza. My second thought is, man I wish there was a Ninja Turtles movie like this. Mostly because the TMNT origin is based on Daredevil and every time