• Wanted: Resolution for Internal Conflict

    Wanted: Resolution for Internal Conflict

    UPDATE: Of course, 10 minutes before this article was set to publish, a story broke that the O’Connor family took the $520,000 raised and went into hiding. People are now questioning whether or not this was a scam. They do not seem capable of such an elaborate ruse but it certainly changes the lens through which one might read this

  • The 10 Worst Condoms

    The 10 Worst Condoms

    What is it that you look for in a condom? Ribbed textures? Spermicide? Color? Flavor? The factors that actually determine what separates the best condoms from the worst may just surprise you! 10. A wallet It is easy to confuse a condom and a wallet as the two items have been made from similar materials

  • “Look at Tim Cook”

    “Look at Tim Cook”

    The night before Tim Cook officially came out publicly for the first time, I received a text message from one of my best friends. Roommates for years, we’d often text or instant message one another before bed, and sometimes we check in the same way now miles away. He was telling me that he was

  • My Rendezvous with Online Dating

    My Rendezvous with Online Dating

    Recently, a colleague has been discussing his previous experiences with online dating. He has been telling stories of the crazy women with whom he interacted and, for some reason, those stories intrigued me. As he talked, it dawned on me that I never had the online dating experience. It’s not because I am a girl magnet (Not even close).

  • Guys, Can We Just Stop?

    There was a great article in The Daily Beast on Tuesday by Arthur Chu, about the misogyny inherent in geek culture and how that culture needs to grow up. Believe it or not, women are not rewards to be won for good or chivalrous behavior, but people in their own right with goals and personalities