• Politicians in Training

    Politicians in Training

    Over the last few months, I have spent more hours than any sane human being ever should dealing with customer service representatives. During that time, I have learned one thing: these people would kill it in politics. Sure, they read from a script most of the time but so do politicians. The ability they possess to say a

  • Jinxed: The Story Behind the Brand

    Jinxed: The Story Behind the Brand

    Back in the late ‘90s, a few Philadelphia natives started a t-shirt line called Jinxed. Mike Supermodel, an employee at Rock N’ Roll plus on South Street, fell in love with the designs and carried them in the store. He eventually began doing sales for the line for a short period of time, and after

  • Coke’s Sublime Marketing Campaign

    Coke’s Sublime Marketing Campaign

    With Coca-Cola’s newest advertising campaign, Share a Coke, the company quickly realized it could effectively kill two birds with one stone. By personalizing labels with common names, the company fabricated a personal connection with its client. By throwing the #ShareaCoke hashtag on the campaign, it prompted its consumers to do the legwork for them. A quick search around Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will