• My Friend Ed

    My Friend Ed

      Ed is both a friend and a client of mine. When he first came out to train with me, I had no idea just how hard he’s battled in his life; nor did I know that the fact he was even in the gym with me training was a pretty massive deal in and

  • Life Hacks: Better Call Jimbo

    Life Hacks: Better Call Jimbo

    It was a sad day when I had to tell my 100 year old great grandma that she could no longer play with Legos. Keeping over 1000 butterflies in your trunk is a magical way to confuse a cop when he asks to search your car. You can’t blame every fart on the dog. Pregnant

  • Life Hacks: Heat Stroke

    Life Hacks: Heat Stroke

    “That dresser is from Ikea!” – A woman watching porn. If you knock on my door and try to sell me something, I’m probably going to try and keep you for a few days. It’s almost as if Cialis commercials WANT me to bang a senior citizen! The CONstitution sounds so negative. Why not call

  • Life Hacks: Uncomfortably Hot

    Life Hacks: Uncomfortably Hot

    “This is the ride that killed Billy.” – said in line at every amusement park ride. Just read an article about the dangers of fatty foods that really scared me so I’m making a life changing decision…no more reading! It’s bad luck to see your bride before the wedding. It’s not so great luck to

  • Life Hacks: Midsummer Night’s Nightmare

    Life Hacks: Midsummer Night’s Nightmare

    Why, when my kids want me to do something with them and I don’t feel like it, does “Cat’s in the Cradle” begin to play in my head? When I die, I want people to say of me, “Man, he sure owed me a lot of money!” Every relationship contains at least 1 crazy person.

  • Happy 239th Birthday USA!

    Happy 239th Birthday USA!

    If you need to take a break from shotgunning Budweisers and pissing on the flags of other countries, here are a whole bunch of videos that celebrate just how fuckin’ awesome the U.S. of fuckin’ A really is! YEEEAHH VCXBhdsf udsjov Please remember to chug your beers responsibly and pass out in your buddy’s bathtub

  • Life Hacks: Born on the First of July

    Life Hacks: Born on the First of July

    I hope you don’t look too deeply into the fact that I flipped over your sofa cushions and left your party without saying goodbye to anyone. Neck tattoos: used to avoid people with them because they may be dangerous. Now I avoid them because I don’t want to hear about their vegan bicycle. CHOOSE YOUR