• Coping with a broken smartphone

    Coping with a broken smartphone

      After bitching about OnePlus the other day, Carl Pei got the last laugh when my OnePlus One careened from my hand to the floor. The screen spidered from directly above the camera to the other side of the phone and down to the bottom. The touchscreen was completely unresponsive and my Project Fi Nexus 5X is still a month away from being

  • Wanted: Acceptance?

    Wanted: Acceptance?

       Everybody wants to feel accepted on some level. Even people who consider themselves to be outsiders or lone wolves want to be accepted as such.  The hurt of being unwanted or intentionally left out of a group is a bruising and long lasting one. I have been there. It is no fun.  At 36,

  • Politicians in Training

    Politicians in Training

    Over the last few months, I have spent more hours than any sane human being ever should dealing with customer service representatives. During that time, I have learned one thing: these people would kill it in politics. Sure, they read from a script most of the time but so do politicians. The ability they possess to say a

  • Wanted: Resolution for Internal Conflict

    Wanted: Resolution for Internal Conflict

    UPDATE: Of course, 10 minutes before this article was set to publish, a story broke that the O’Connor family took the $520,000 raised and went into hiding. People are now questioning whether or not this was a scam. They do not seem capable of such an elaborate ruse but it certainly changes the lens through which one might read this

  • Cutting the Cord on Cable

    Cutting the Cord on Cable

    Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that you’ve been paying roughly a car payment every month to a giant monopoly for most of your adult life to get internet, cable and phone service. It’s not implausible, right? Many of us have done it. Comcast, for example, currently has 21.7 million video subscribers but that number will rise to 30

  • A Novel List of Mobile Apps

    A Novel List of Mobile Apps

    Perhaps you’ve read one of the millions of “Essential Apps” stories floating around the web. If so, you have likely noticed how they all seem to mimic each other without ever providing any information that you do not already know. “Did you know that Evernote is great? It’s essential! You need to have it! It will change your life!” Evernote

  • Five Reasons the Apple Watch Will Not Fail

    Five Reasons the Apple Watch Will Not Fail

    Recently, Tech Radar wrote a somewhat questionable article listing five reasons the Apple Watch will fail. I would like to counter with my own list as to why the Watch will not fail. 1. People do not know what they want Steve Jobs operated under the assumption that people were unable to articulate what it was that

  • The Night I Lost the Will to Lie

    The Night I Lost the Will to Lie

    It happened. It finally happened. Our kids now know that the elf is fake. Recently, I have been testing out the kids’ reactions to the elf. The closer I got to it, the more terrified they became. At one point, my daughter broke into tears. It confounded me. She’s six-years old and is an incredibly rational person.