• True Detective: Down Will Come

    True Detective: Down Will Come

    Hey guys, you still with us here? This volume of True Detective is a real stop and go affair. Let’s talk about Velcoro’s family sbdji slb bd bklsdzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Look, there’s a weird corpse! “Down Will Come” continued that trend, rambling along for the first 40ish minutes and finishing strong.   Insemyonation Last week, Semyon procured

  • True Detective: Maybe Tomorrow

    True Detective: Maybe Tomorrow

    Hi all, here is some filler to avoid any spoilers that might show up in even the preliminary description. That is if everyone hasn’t tuned out already. How was your 4th? Yeah, I know, that’s way too many hot dogs! Classic Mark. Oh, we’re good now? Lettttttttt’s go!   Die Another Day Well, I sure

  • Happy 239th Birthday USA!

    Happy 239th Birthday USA!

    If you need to take a break from shotgunning Budweisers and pissing on the flags of other countries, here are a whole bunch of videos that celebrate just how fuckin’ awesome the U.S. of fuckin’ A really is! YEEEAHH VCXBhdsf udsjov Please remember to chug your beers responsibly and pass out in your buddy’s bathtub

  • Dear Fox: Give The Thing Some Pants

    Dear Fox: Give The Thing Some Pants

    Fox’s gritastic new Fantastic Four movie is on the way and has begun bombarding us with advertising. While I may have zero interest in seeing it, surely someone somewhere will want to check it out. Miles Teller is awesome in Whiplash, Kate Mara is a pretty good Sue Storm, and Michael B. Jordan was great

  • True Detective: Night Finds You

    True Detective: Night Finds You

    Before checking out the second episode of True Detective’s second season, “Night Finds You”, I took another look at the premiere. I didn’t particularly care for it the first time around, what with its ultra-manliness and ridiculous dialogue. Looking at it a second time, however, and knowing what to expect, I actually enjoyed it a

  • The Dangerous Beauty of ‘Ex Machina’

    The Dangerous Beauty of ‘Ex Machina’

    Sci-fi loves the concept of artificial intelligence. It’s been a staple of the genre for as long as it’s existed. It does pose some interesting questions, such as “What constitutes life?” and “Is it okay to task an intelligent being with making me a burrito at 4 in the morning?” The latest film to take