• McFarlane’s NHL Line Finds New Life in Canada

    McFarlane’s NHL Line Finds New Life in Canada

    Well this came out of nowhere. Last November I wrote about the demise of McFarlane Toys’ NHL Sports Picks, and now it looks like another company will be resurrecting the line. Import Dragons, a toy company based in Boisbriand Quebec, has just started taking pre-orders for 6″ and 2.5″ NHL figurines, due to arrive this September. You

  • The 5 Best And 5 Worst NHL All-Star Jerseys

    The 5 Best And 5 Worst NHL All-Star Jerseys

    There was a lot of hoopla over this week’s reveal of the 2015 NHL All-Star jerseys, so I thought I’d rank the 5 best and 5 worst NHL All-Star jerseys of all time. THE 5 BEST: 5. The “McDonald’s” Star Jerseys (1994-1997). I nicknamed these the McDonald’s jerseys because the letter/number font was the same seen in

  • Video: NHL OYO Sports Toys

    Video: NHL OYO Sports Toys

    I’ve been a big fan of OYO’s NHL toys since their debut in early 2014 (which coincidentally is when McFarlane Toys stopped making their NHL line…interesting), so I thought I’d ask Chris Ho a.k.a. Vangelus to feature them in one of his V-build videos. In this video review he takes a look at a few NHL skaters and a

  • End Of An Era For McFarlane Toys’ NHL Sports Picks?

    End Of An Era For McFarlane Toys’ NHL Sports Picks?

    McFarlane Toys appears to have discontinued their long-running NHL Sports Picks after a 14-year run dating back to 2000. No official word has been given for the cancellation, however there are rumors that the company has chosen to focus on their popular The Walking Dead line of collectibles. Given the continued releases for the NBA and NFL Sports

  • Film Review: Frank

    Film Review: Frank

    I made the mistake of writing-off Frank when I first heard of it: an A-list actor (Michael Fassbender) wearing a fake head for the entirety of a comedy film? Sounded like a gimmick. Well, looks can be deceiving, though some of the blame should be placed on the filmmakers. That’s because this film is actually about Jon,

  • Ranking The Movieverse Autobots

    Ranking The Movieverse Autobots

    We’ve had 26 Autobots appear in 4 movies so far, so let’s take a look at their ranks and um, rank them. I know lists are subjective, but this is more of a refresher course on the many heroic robots that audiences were expected to embrace and root for. This is already depressing. For the sake of brevity,

  • The Titanfall Gamble

    The Titanfall Gamble

    The big news in the gaming industry is this past week is the departures of Jack Tretton and Marc Whitten from Sony and Microsoft respectively. Both men were instrumental in the launch of the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One systems last fall. Tretton’s departure has been characterized as an amicable split, as he decided not