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  • Curb Your Porn Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Porn Enthusiasm

    According to an infographic posted on Huffington Post last year, porn sites averaged 450 million unique visitors per month. The average visitor spent roughly 12 sweaty, fist-pumping minutes on porn sites somewhere around 7.5 times per month. The infographic also stated that 70% of men and 30% of women viewed porn. To further extrapolate those statistics, 30% of men and 70% of

  • Cigars 101 – How Do I Start?

    Cigars 101 – How Do I Start?

    On the surface, smoking premium cigars is like smoking regular or e-cigarettes or other things that aren’t exactly considered “PC” these days. However, those who take the plunge and take the time to learn discover that there’s a huge difference between buying a pack of smokes and enjoying a hand-rolled cigar made in the Southern

  • Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Years ago, Jason Tagmire was the go-to guy in the South Jersey/Philadelphia indie rock scene if you wanted buttons made for your band.  Not long thereafter, he was the talk of the town, raising thousands of dollars on Kickstarter to fund his kickass games, like Pixel Lincoln, Storyteller Cards and Maximum Throwdown.     In an era dominated by motion-sensing, immersive video

  • Guys, Can We Just Stop?

    There was a great article in The Daily Beast on Tuesday by Arthur Chu, about the misogyny inherent in geek culture and how that culture needs to grow up. Believe it or not, women are not rewards to be won for good or chivalrous behavior, but people in their own right with goals and personalities

  • GMOs: a Primer

    The “March Against Monsanto” took place over Memorial Day weekend, where groups of activists protest the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), specifically those used in agriculture and patented by the corporation Monsanto. What is a genetically modified organism, anyway? Humans have been breeding plants and animals for 1000s of years, shaping them to fit

  • Bryan Fuller toys with fan expectations in Hannibal Season 2

    Bryan Fuller toys with fan expectations in Hannibal Season 2

    You probably figured that there would be spoilers for Hannibal here. Guess what, you’re right! Hannibal’s second season opened with the promise of a confrontation between the title character and Laurence Fishburne’s Jack Crawford. Showing a future scene is a familiar TV trope, but this one was extra intriguing (beyond being one of the best looking

  • Million Dollar Arm: A Home Run

    Million Dollar Arm: A Home Run

    With baseball season in full swing and a little time off for Memorial Day, I treated myself to the Disney flick, Million Dollar Arm. This easily became one of my favorite baseball films along with Major League, A League of Their Own, Sandlot, Bad News Bears, and Moneyball. Based on a true story, Million Dollar

  • Backspace – Action Abe Part IV

    Sorry for being a day late but here is Action Abe Part IV. Backspace is an online webcomic featuring the mis-adventures of three friends. Featuring zany appearances by Artistic aliens, Cyborg presidents, talking Mayan statues and time traveling barbarians.