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  • A Nod to the Warriors

    A Nod to the Warriors

    Amid the Donald Sterling whirlwind, the Golden State Warriors prepared to face the Los Angeles Clippers tonight. The incredibly racist Sterling, who was set to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP for some reason, was banned for life from the NBA and fined the maximum amount allowed by the league, $2.5 million, for the comments he made. Prior

  • Star Wars Episode VII Cast Formally Announced

    Star Wars Episode VII Cast Formally Announced

    The cast for Star Wars episode VII was formally announced on earlier today. Their roles, however, were not specified. The returning cast members are obvious. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker will all be back. I am amazed and delighted that they will still be using Kenny

  • Truckin’ with Fryborg

    Truckin’ with Fryborg

    It was nearly 14 years ago. Jonathan Gibbons was sitting in front of his classic Macintosh something or other. He was struggling to type out a term paper for his English class. It was the biggest obstacle standing between him and a bachelor’s degree. It was not that Gibbons was incapable of writing the paper. If anything, he

  • Tortilla Chip Monster

    Tortilla Chip Monster

    As I sat down to watch another dreadful game of the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers playoff series, I decided to make some delicious nachos. Nachos do make everything better, it’s a scientific fact. I opened up a bag of Mission tortilla chips and poured some on to a plate. As I grabbed a

  • Mad Men: Mr. Draper Goes Back to Work

    Mad Men: Mr. Draper Goes Back to Work

    Don Draper has been traveling between the coasts, a man without a purpose. He wants back in the ad game. He takes meetings with other companies, flirting with the idea of moving on. A new company, a new job; these would be good things for Don. But that’s not what he wants. He’s got something

  • Saturday Night Live’s Overlooked Best Shorts

    Saturday Night Live’s Overlooked Best Shorts

    This past week, Saturday Night Live aired an episode titled SNL Best Shorts. As you might expect, it contained some classic favorites, like Lazy Sunday, Wayne’s World’s Truth or Dare with Madonna, and Eddie Murphy exploring white culture. However, there were many great sketches that the episode missed. Here are some of our favorites: Cheeburger, Cheeburger Dissing

  • Put Down Your Phone,  For Pete’s Sake

    Put Down Your Phone, For Pete’s Sake

    Pictured above is Courtney Sanford, celebrating her graduation from University of North Carolina. Sanford was named UNC’s first Innovation Scholar. She is an incredibly intelligent girl who studied across the globe, making an impact and leaving her mark wherever she went. Sanford was a Social Impact Intern at LinkedIn, where she was part of the LinkedIn for Good team. Volunteering and

  • This Awesome Week-April 20-26, 2014

    This Awesome Week-April 20-26, 2014

    Welcome to This Awesome Week, a look back at the week that was. Instagram girl of the week Sara Sampaio is this week’s girl, she is a Portuguese model, follow her on Instagram here. Top News Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wide just had a baby boy: [] The King of the Monsters is coming:[] [ De